Success Stories: 5 Tips on Creating a Home Business Success Stories!

If you are interested in Success Stories in the home business industry, this article is going to offer insights from three Residual Six &Seven Figure Earners that I spent some time with recently.  Before we go there though, let me let you in on a Home Business Success Story Secret.  The lines have blurred between […] Read more »

MAIC2012 – Recap Message

This Event Was Epic! Watch the short recap video. I mentioned a teeny weeny amount of things that were covered at the event. These events are truly life changing. I can’t say it enough or with enough emphasis. Live Events are more effective than anything else. I forgot to mention two more things during the […] Read more »

MAIC2012 – Day 1… Belief; Built Through Live Events!

I Knew This Would Be Awesome But Didn’t Realize Just How Much I Would Feel Like…   MAIC2012 – Day 1 was fantastic.  We learned a ton and you just can’t get the kind of energy from anywhere else in the world.  A big room full of 20,000+ like minded people is the only place […] Read more »

5 P’s Principle #5 – The Payoff. This WIll Keep You Coming Back For More!!!!

  If You Catch This Message The Way I Intended It, You Might Feel Very Good After Letting In Sink In For A Bit. I Am Still Thinking About It & I Shot The Video Two Darn Day’s Ago. Well, this video series is over, but it’s just the beginning. Let me ask you a […] Read more »

Commercial Advertising: Brokers Beware, It’s Still Critical Just Different.

  Commercial Advertising:  Brokers & The Self Employed Beware – The Beginning (or) The End Of Your Business Model…   Commercial advertising is something that we have trouble defining but we know it when we see it right? Think about it. Commercial advertising has played such a role in our lives that we recognize jingles […] Read more »

Principle 3 of the 5 P’s: Persistence – Only One Way To Fail!

  Quitters Never Win & Winners Never Quit!  We Have All Heard This Before, But Not Quite Like This.  Watch The Video Now… This message can really help a lot of people who are feeling like they are just not getting anywhere.  Personal experience tells me that this P principle and the next one which […] Read more »